Scholarly Articles:


St. Georges, D (2017) (In review) Reflections of the Tide: The adventures of the
      woman and the sea. (Visual Narrative) Provoking Curriculum Book II.
      Intellect: New York

Sinner, A., Leong, S., St. Georges, D., Esmat, R., Wicks., J Zimmer, T. (2017)
      (In review) Becoming re-search stories: Practices of life writing in visual
      art education 

St. Georges, D. (2016). Paintings and poems.  In  Journal
     of Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies
. Special Issue
ISSN: 1916-4467 http://jcacs.journals.yorku.ca/index.php/jcacs/issue/view/2276

St. Georges, D. (2016). Poetic Inquiry III. Artworks accepted.
      (in preparation).

St. Georges, D. (2016). Transfigurating Sensations: Artefactual
       Enactments of S/place. In Poetic Inquiry III. Vernon Press:
​       Delaware. USA.

​Sinner, A., Sahagún Sánchez, V., Wicks, J., & St. Georges, D.
       (2016) An a/r/tographic pulse: Opening conversations of
       resistance and accommodation as scholarly provocation. 
​       (in preparation).


2017 Provoking Curriculum. McGill University. Montreal, Quebec
      Artful Encounters: Life writing as Making Curriculum with, in and

      through Stories of Trans-research. Thibault Zimmer, Jennifer Wicks,
​      Darlene St. Georges, Seonjeong Yi, Ranya Saad & Dr. Anita Sinner 

2016  Canadian Society for Education through Art, Intersections
         University of Victory, Victoria, BC. 
1.  Canadian Perspectives on Arts Based Research in the Art
​              Education Doctoral Experience

              Dr. Rita Irwin, Dr. Anita Sinner, Jen Wicks, Darlene St. Georges,
         2.  An epistemology of art as a multi-textural dialogue. 
              Darlene St. Georges

 2016   Artful Inquiry Symposium. Acts of Creation: Representational
         Forms of Inquiry. McGill University, Montreal. QC.

        1.  An a/r/tographic pulse: Opening conversations of resistance
           and accommodation as scholarly provocation.

            Dr. Anita Sinner, Jen Wicks, Darlene St. Georges,

        2.  Emergent identities through multi-textural dialogues.  
            Darlene St. Georges, Julia Ainsworth


2015   International Symposium for Poetic Inquiry. Poetic Inquiry III:
          Enchantments of Place. University of British Columbia, BC.

         Art as a multi-textural dialogue. Darlene St. Georges

2013   American Educational Research Association, SanFrancisco.

         Art as a Multi- textural Dialogue. Darlene St. Georges

2013   Canadian Society for Education through Art. Montreal, QC,

         Art as a Multi-textural Dialogue. Darlene St. Georges 

2009  Symposium: Sense and Sustainability. University of Montreal,
        Montreal, QC.

        Creativity and Earth: photo digital collage. Artworks,
        Presentation.  Darlene St. Georges



Provoking Curriculum Studies Conference Guide.  University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 

Artworks and Poetry.   


BOOK:  From Left to Right -

Collection of Paintings and Poetry, 2012

International Symposium of Poetic Inquiry, Conference Guide/Poster  University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 


​  ​​​​​Darlene St Georges